In Hawaii, aloha means “sharing the breath of life.” At Maui EMC, we aim to do this by getting you the right testing equipment and help you pass compliance the very first time. Maintaining relationships has become a necessity for helping you with your project along the way. Maui EMC works to address all challenges and make an impact. We have teamed up with Com-Power and become EMC testing equipment distributors. They have helped us to balance high quality and affordable products with access to the latest technical research in order to bring you solutions.



In the Hawaiian language ohana means “family.”   Our products, services, and beliefs are centered around caring for you.  We hope we can help you find what you need and become a part of our ohana



In Hawaii, mahalo means “thank you or gratitude”  We at Maui EMC are truly blessed and hopefully we can enhance your EMC experience.

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