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We are distributors of EMI EMC test equipment. Our equipment is used for EMI and EMC compliance testing as well as Telecom and Wireless testing. Examples of electronic equipment that requires such testing includes: Home Appliances, Information Technology, Medical equipment, Military equipment, Avionics, Commercial Electronics, Entertainment Electronics and Automotive electronics. In the USA such testing is required by government agencies such as the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), FDA (Federal Drug Administration), Military, FAA (the Federal Aviation Administration), etc. Many government agencies throughout the world have similar requirements.

ABF-900 (open full)

Broadband antennas are preferred for automated tests, because it minimizes antenna switching or tuning. They also can handle high input signal to generate electromagnetic fields for radiated immunity testing. They are usually compact enough to fit inside most anachoic chambers. Maui EMC biconical, log periodic and horn antennas can be used for both emissions and immunity testing.

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Antenna kits are for off-site EMC testing that is supplied with a carrying case with a specific storage compartment for each item. Please see table below for the items included with each kit.

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