Dipole Antenna

Dipole Antenna


Tuned Dipole Antenna AD-100 antenna set which operates in the frequency range of 30 MHz to 1000 MHz consisting of four baluns. It was designed according to American National Standard C63.4 as a reference antenna. The set that can be used for EMC test site calibration or for calibrating other antennas in same frequency range.

The dipoles can be tuned to any frequency by selecting the balun for that frequency and adjusting the length of antenna elements to the half wavelength (calculated by 3×108/frequency in MHz/2). The length can be achieved by attaching together pairs of fixed and adjustable elements (lower frequencies) or a pair of adjustable elements (higher frequencies) to each side of the antenna balun. The fixed length elements were designed to minimize drooping, especially at low frequencies where the tuned dipole elements are long. DATASHEET

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Dipole Antenna Set


Dipole Balum 1

30 MHz – 65 MHz

Dipole Balun 2

65 MHz – 180 MHz

Dipole Balun 3

180 MHz – 400 MHz

Dipole Balun 4

400 MHz -1000 MHz

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